Northern Lights at sea – Aurora cruises

Northen Lights at sea, Norway. Photo by Shigeru Ohki

The open sea is the ideal location for viewing the Northern Lights, outside disturbing city lights. The authentic, Norwegian Hurtigruten ship line has daily “Hunting the Aurora lights” departures throughout the Northern Lights season, taking you to the amazing Arctic areas of Northern Norway. While on board, the captain announces when they spot the Northern Lights, and you can even sign up for Northern Lights wake-up calls during the night!

Northern Lights at sea – our Aurora cruises:

Based on our local experience, we have put together a selection of Northern Lights cruise packages:

Northern Lights at the Arctic coast of Norway. Photo by Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen

Tromso, Northern Lights & the Arctic coast – 2 nights on board (Tromso to Trondheim)
Northern Lights Cruise trip, 6 nights – 2 nights on board (Trondheim to Tromso)
Northern Lights Cruise & Snow Hotel, 6 nights – 2 nights on board (Tromso to Kirkenes)
Northern Lights Adventure Cruise, 7 nights – 4 nights on board (Trondheim to Kirkenes)
Winter Cruise & Northern Lights, 7 nights – 4 nights on board (Bergen to Tromso)
Northern Lights Christmas Cruise, 8 nights – 4 nights on board (Trondheim to Kirkenes)

Dog sledding in Tromso area, Norway. Photo by Baard Loeken


The trips start and finish in Oslo, convenient for your international flights (apart from the Winter Cruise & Northern Lights trip starting in Bergen). All domestic transport is included.
We have included some excursions in the trips, like Dog sledding & the North Cape, but you can also add more Hurtigruten excursions en route, and adventurous excursions at the Northern Lights destinations Tromso & Kirkenes, like Whale watching, Reindeer sledge, snow mobile Safari & King crab fishing.

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