Trollfjord – the spectacular Arctic fjord

The Trollfjord by ToFotoThe amazingly narrow Trollfjord is a 2 km long sidearm of the Raftsund between Lofoten islands and Vesteralen archipelago. With its narrow entrance and steep mountain sides, the Trollfjord is really exotic and spectacular.

The narrow mouth of the Trollfjord is only 100 meters wide, and widens to a maximum width of 800 meters. The steep mountains surrounding the fjord are between 600 and 1100 metres high.

During the summer months the Hurtigruten ships make a detourdepending on the weather situation – an unforgettable experience!! The entrance is so narrow it looks like it is not possible for such a large ship to enter, and it looks even more impossible to turn the large ship at the end of the fjord.

The incredibly steep mountain sides add to this amazing experience, and Sea eagles circling around the mountain peaks are quite a common sight.

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How to visit the Trollfjord:

The Trollfjord is visited on Hurtigruten cruise packages: (weather permitting):

Entering the Trollfjord. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Hurtigruten entering

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Leaving the Trollfjord. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Leaving the Trollfjord

The Oslo-Kirkenes-Bergen Cruise package 
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You can also join a scheduled Trollfjord cruise from Svolvaer at the Lofoten islands

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