About Hotels in Norway – Hotel rating & classification

About hotels in Norway. Photo by CH, Visit Norway
About Hotels in Norway – Hotel rating & classification

There is no official hotel rating or classification in Norway.

In our tours we use the 3* and 4* descriptions just as an estimate of the standard and services of the hotels.
The star estimate is meant to give our international customers a rough idea of the level of quality.
The hotel, room standard and service level in Norway & Scandinavia might be experienced as lower than expected, based on the general price level.
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Beautiful located Bergen, by Sverre Hjornevik, Fjord Norway
3* hotels in Norway

When we use the 3* description we normally refer to bed & breakfast hotels; hotels without hotel restaurants, bars, room service etc.

The rooms have private shower & toilet facilities, TV, towels and normally a hair drier. Buffet breakfast is served in a common breakfast room.

Vigeland Sculpture Park by Tord Baklund, Visit Oslo
4* hotels in Norway

When we use the 4* description we normally refer to a hotel with a higher degree of service and common facilities than a 3* hotel.
Normally the hotels have a restaurant, bar and room service (not necessarily 24 hours a day).
The rooms have private shower & toilet facilities, TV, towels, hair drier and normally trousers press or ironing facilities. Some hotels have a mini bar in the room, whereas very few hotels have a private safe in the room.

We generally define Thon City hotels as 4*, due to their centrally location, modern and comfortable rooms with minibar etc.
These hotels normally don’t have their own restaurant.

Breakfast At Kviknes Hotel By De Historiske Hoteller
5* hotels in Norway

2 hotels in Norway are classified as 5* hotels (members of The leading Hotels of the world):

Hotel Continental in Oslo
Britannia hotel in Trondheim

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The Arctic Capital Tromso. Photo by Baard Loeken, Nordnorsk Reiseliv
Location in Norway & level of quality

The room standard and common facilities may vary depending on the geographic location; normally higher in the larger cities than in the rural areas of southern Norway, as well as in the Arctic areas/northern Norway.
You will however find some elegant, historic hotels in Fjord Norway area.
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