Lofoten Islands – Hurtigruten land excursion

Lofoten islands. Photo Baard Loeken www.nordnorge.comLofoten Islands – Hurtigruten land excursion: Enjoy the beautiful and diverse scenery of the Lofoten Islands on this bus tour from Svolvaer to Stamsund.

This is an optional land excursion which you can add to your Hurtigruten cruise booked through Fjord Travel Norway. The land excursion will appear during the cruise booking process, with prices and details.

Lofoten islands. Photo by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Lofoten islands

Throughout history, Lofoten and Lofoten fishing has been crucial for Norway. The first north-Norwegian town of Vagar was established as early as the 1000’s to support this industry. From here, dried cod was sold to large parts of Europe and was responsible for the majority of the country’s export income. Today, Lofoten is associated primarily with steep mountains and picturesque fishing villages, but it is so much more. Here you find sheltered bays, white sandy beaches, fjords and large, green farmland.

The beautiful scenery and the vast fishing attracted artists from both Norway and abroad. In Henningsvaer you visit a gallery where the most prominent Lofoten artists are represented with paintings from the islands and the Lofoten fishing industry. There is also a multimedia show depicting the archipelago’s unique beauty and wildness throughout the four seasons.

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Practical info:

Lofoten islands; Svolvaer in summer. Photo by Andreas Mihatsch, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Typical Lofoten settlement

Duration: 3 hours
Transportation: Bus
Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes
Available: April 1- August 31
Land excursion #9B

Available on the following Hurtigruten Cruise packages:
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Cruise package Oslo-Kirkenes-Bergen, 8 nights

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