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Amazing Northern Lights Tours

Visit the best places to see the Northern Lights!

Arctic Norway is ideally located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone. You can choose between Northern Lights cruise packages, Northern Lights tours and Short Northern Lights breaks, with overnight stay at an unforgettable Ice hotel and adventurous activities such as Dog sledding, Snow mobile Safari, Whale Safari, Reindeer sledge & King Crab fishing

View our Northern Lights trips:

Northern Lights Norway. Photo by Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Spectacular Northern Lights at the Arctic coast

Northern Lights cruise trip

Enjoy a real Viking feast, a 2 nights Northern Lights cruise from Trondheim to Tromso, an exotic train ride across the snow covered Dovre mountain plateau, & chasing the Northern Lights safari in Tromso. You can add nights & adventurous activities in Tromso. Starting & finishing in Oslo

The Ice bar, Snow hotel. Photo by Kirkenes Snow hotel

Experience a real  Ice bar in the Snow hotel

Ice Hotel Northern Lights Break

Sleep in a real Snow hotel! A short break to the Arctic town of Kirkenes, with 1 night at a centrally located hotel and 1 night in the amazing Snow Hotel, Dog sledding trip to the amazing Arctic wilderness. The trip starts & finishes with a night in Oslo.
Duration: 4 nights. December-March

The clear Arctic sky. Photo by Kirkenes Snow hotel

Amazing Arctic sky outside Kirkenes

Top of Europe Aurora Arctic adventures

A really exotic Northern Lights trip, with Oslo & Tromso, Arctic gourmet dinner, 2 nights Northern Lights cruise to “the top of Europe”, North Cape excursion, King crab safari, overnight in a tiny, wooden Aurora chalet in the Arctic wilderness outside the town of Kirkenes
Duration: 6 nights. October-March

Northern Lights Norway. Photo by Kent Even Grundstad, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Wonderful Northern Lights at the open sea!

Northern Lights Cruise & Snow Hotel

A comprehensive trip with 2 nights cruise from Tromso to Kirkenes, excursion to the North Cape cliff, Dog sledding, Snow mobile safari, stay in an amazing Snow hotel & a night in Tromso. Starting & finishing  with overnight in Oslo.
Duration: 6 nights, 2 nights on board. December-March

Northern Lights Norway, outside the Snow hotel. Photo credits Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Magic lights outside the Snow Hotel!

Ice Hotel, Northern Lights & Tromso

Visit the best places to see the Northern Lights! An adventurous round trip with 2 nights in Kirkenes & 2 nights in Tromso, overnight in a real Snow Hotel, wilderness Dog sledding trip, Arctic gourmet dinner & Northern Lights adventure trip. Starting & finishing in Oslo. You can add nights and adventurous activities in Kirkenes & Tromso
Duration: 6 nights. December-March

Aurlandsfjord Norway. Photo by EA Vikesland, FlamUtvikling

The spectacular Aurlandsfjord in winter

Ice Hotel, Northern Lights & Fjord tour

Visit Arctic Norway & Fjord Norway! An adventurous trip to the north and the west, with the Arctic town of Kirkenes & picturesque Bergen, overnight in a real Snow hotel, Northern Lights trip with Dog sledding, Fjord cruise on the Unesco Naeroyfjord, the Flam railway & Bergen line. Starting & finishing in Oslo
Duration: 7 nights. January-April

Northern Lights at the Lofoten Islands, Norway. Photo by Norway

Magic Northern Lights at the Lofoten Islands

Northern Lights Adventure cruise

Enjoy a 4 nights Northern Lights cruise, an exotic train ride across the snow covered Dovre mountain plateau, Aurora Borealis cruise from historic Trondheim to Arctic Kirkenes, Dog sledding excursion in Tromso & an exotic trip to the North Cape cliff.
Duration: 7 nights, 4 nights on boardNovember-March

Northern Lights over Tromso. Photo by Gaute Bruvik, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

The Northern Lights over Tromso

Northern Lights Safari

Enjoy 3 nights in Arctic Tromso with Northern Lights evening trips, Arctic gourmet dinner, Dog sledding & Aurora Safari. Starting & finishing with overnight in Oslo
You can replace a night in hotel with a Wilderness camp stay, add nights & activities, like Snow mobile, Whale safari & Reindeer sledge. 
Duration: 5 nights. November-March

Dog sledding in tromso Norway. Photo by Baard Loeken, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Adventurous Dog sledding in Tromso area

Tromso Winter adventure

A 3 nights Northern Lights break  to the beautifully located Arctic town of Tromso – Norway’s Northern Lights capital, with Dog sledding, Aurora Safari & Arctic gourmet dinner

You can replace a night in hotel with a Wilderness camp stay, add nights & activities, like Snow mobile, Whale safari & Reindeer sledge.
Duration: 3 nights. November-March.

Tromso Norway, the pier. Photo by Shigeru Ohki, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Tromso pier, beautifully located

Winter Cruise & Northern Lights

Enjoy a 4 nights winter cruise from picturesque Bergen to Arctic Tromso on an authentic Hurtigruten ship, overnight & chasing the Northern Lights trip in Tromso, flight & overnight in Oslo. You can add nights & activities in Tromso, like Dog sledding, Reindeer sledge, Snow mobile & Whale safari
Duration: 7 nights, 4 nights on board. January-March

Tromso Norway. Photo by Shigeru Ohki Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Amazing Arctic twilight in Tromso area

Northern Lights Christmas Cruise

Experience an authentic Norwegian Christmas celebration on board,
2 nights in Oslo, scenic train trip across snow covered mountains to the historic town of Trondheim, Northern Lights Christmas cruise from Trondheim to Kirkenes, including Dog sledding in Tromso & the exotic North Cape excursion.
Duration: 8 nights, 4 nights on board. December

Winter in Oslo, view of Grefsenkollen. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Winter in Oslo

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