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Sognefjord. Photo by Morten RakkeVisitFlam

If you are planning a visit to the unique Norwegian Fjords, we offer a selection of amazing Fjord Tours, such as «The Grand Tour of the Fjords». This is an extensive round trip from Oslo with fjord cruises on the Geirangerfjord, the Hardangerfjord & the Sognefjord, spectacular rail journeys (Bergen line, Flam Railway, Dovre line), amazing mountain roads, canyons & waterfalls, 2 nights Hurtigruten cruise and stays in Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand fjord village & historic Trondheim

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The Hardangerfjord. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel NorwayA taste of Sognefjord & Hardangerfjord

An extensive, amazing Fjord tour package with the Sognefjord & the Hardangerfjord,
the breathtaking Maabodal canyon & Voringfoss waterfall, Bergen rail line & Flam Railway. 2 nights in Oslo, 1 night in Flam, 2 nights in Bergen, 1 night in Lofthus & 1 night at Geilo. 7 nights

Balestrand village. Photo by CH, visitnorway.comSognefjord & Balestrand village

A beautiful, relaxing 6 nights Fjord tour package with the Sognefjord & 2 nights in the tiny Balestrand fjord village, Bergen line & Flam Railway. 2 nights in Oslo & 2 nights in Bergen
4 nights options: Oslo to Bergen or Bergen to Oslo

Bergen Norway, the Fish Market, hillsides and mount Ulriken. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen, Sognefjord, Geilo & Oslo

A relaxing one-way Fjord tour package from Bergen to Oslo, with 2 nights in picturesque Bergen, 2 nights at Geilo mountain village offering excellent hiking and biking areas & 2 nights in Oslo. Sognefjord cruise, the Flam Railway & Bergen line. 6 nights

Stalheim canyon. Photo by RM Sorensen, VisitFlam

Norway in a Nutshell 

5 nights Fjord tour package with the Aurlandsfjord & the Unesco Naeroyfjord,
the breathtaking Stalheimskleiven hairpin road, Bergen rail line & Flam Railway. 2 nights in Oslo, 1 night in Flam fjord village, 2 nights in Bergen. Available all year.
3 nights options: Oslo to Bergen or Bergen to Oslo

Aurlandsfjord, Sognefjord. Photo by Frithjof Fure, Innovation Norway

Oslo, Bergen, Flam Railway & Sognefjord 

4 nights one-way Fjord tour package starting in Bergen and finishing in Oslo, with 2 nights in Bergen & 2 nights in Oslo, Oslo fjord cruise & an extensive Sognefjord fjord cruise from Bergen to Flam, Bergen rail line & Flam Railway.
Optional: Cruise from Bergen to Mostraumen

Tromso Panorama. Photo by Bard Loken www.nordnorge.comTromso, Midnight Sun & Fjords

7 nights Fjord tour package to the beautiful Arctic Norway & Fjord Norway, with an Arctic gourmet dinner in Tromso, Sognefjord cruises, Flam Railway & Bergen line. 2 nights in Oslo, 2 nights in Arctic Tromso, 2 nights in Bergen & 1 night in Balestrand fjord village. Flight Oslo-Tromso-Bergen

Naeroyfjord farm. Photo by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life, Fjord Norway

The UNESCO Geirangerfjord
The narrow Naeroyfjord
The majestic Sognefjord 
The beautiful Hardangerfjord

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