Why we love winter in Norway!

Northern Lights in Hammerfest by Ziggi Wantuch_Hammerfest Turist AS

Sometimes people ask how we Norwegians cope with the long and dark winters? When asked, there is often no immediate answer, but I guess we are simply fascinated by the ever-changing light and weather conditions.

Summer is the complete opposite of the dark winter months. In some parts of the country there is actually daylight 24/7! We therefore try to make up for the long dark winter months by staying outside as much as we can. Spending time in the mountains, excising or just meeting friends at an outdoor café. I guess we are trying to soak up as much sunlight as possible in order to save the light and warmth until next spring.

Rauland by CH,

Coziness and Northern Lights

I personally like the contrast between summer and winter a lot! Summer means spending time outside, while winter means spending more time with family and friends, playing board games, lighting candles, reading books… basically to have it “koselig” (cozy) as we Norwegians say.

However, winter in Norway does not just mean darkness and cold! There is daylight and sunshine in the Winter Light by Anne Olsen-Ryum_www.nordnorge.comsouthern parts of Norway, even in winter. Up north, there is a beautiful arctic twilight in the middle of the day and in the evenings, you can see the amazing Northern Lights. Northern Lights are visible between October and March when the sky is clear, depending on the Northern Lights activity.  The Arctic parts of Norway are best to see the lights.  From time to time the  Northern Lights are visible as far south as Trondheim, and in rare occations they might even show up in Oslo or Bergen.

Aurlandsfjord by Iconic-Norway

Winter in Fjord Norway

Winter time is actually a very good time to travel to Norway – and not just to Northern Norway. Winter in Fjord Norway will provide you with magic lights (sometimes even Northern lights if you are very, very lucky) and a milder climate, while the mountain crossings in the southern parts will offer snow, crisp air, exciting winter activities and the warm hospitality of the people living here. If you would like to travel the fjords outside the peak season, you will have many of the places to yourself!
Snowman by Franziska Schwarzlmüller, Fjord Travel NorwaySo what are you waiting for? Get ready for your winter adventure in Norway. And when you come to Norway follow this simple saying, which helps us Norwegians to keep up the spirit – despite sometimes terrible weather conditions:

“Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær” =
“There is not such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”


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