Sognefjord cruise, leaving Aurland village. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

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With UNESCO Fjord cruise, Flam Railway, Bergen Line & Stalheim Canyon:

Experience stunning scenery along the Bergen Rail Line across the Hardangervidda mountain plateau, enjoy the famous Flam Railway, a masterpiece of railroad engineering, winding its way from Myrdal mountain station down to sea level at the tiny Flam fjord village.
Enjoy an unforgettable Fjord cruise on the Aurlandsfjord & the UNESCO Naeroyfjord (the narrow fjord), the spectacular Stalheim canyon & the breathtaking Stalheimskleiven hairpin road (summer season).
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View from Flam Railway, the tiny Flam church. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Norway in a Nutshell Oslo to Oslo

Tour package with cruises on the Aurlandsfjord & the Unesco Naeroyfjord, bus ride on the Stalheimskleiven hairpin road, Bergen line & the spectacular Flam Railway. 2 nights in Oslo, 1 night in Flam fjord village, 2 nights in Bergen.
Duration 5 nights. Summer season.
Prices: From NOK 10900 per person
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3 nights options: Oslo to Bergen and Bergen to Oslo

Lofoten islands. Photo by Wolf Reimer Schmidt, Hurtigruten

Arctic Fjords & Coastal Highlights

Cruise package  with Oslo & Arctic Tromso, a 4 nights Hurtigruten cruise from Tromso to Bergen, Lofoten Islands, Helgeland coast & Atlantic Ocean road, Bergen, fjord cruise on the Unesco Naeroyfjord, Flam Railway & Bergen line.
Duration: 7 nights. Summer season.
Add on: 
Extra nights & shore excursions.
Prices: From NOK 23495 per person
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Geirangerfjord. Photo by Fred Jonny Hammero-More og Romsdal fylke

Geirangerfjord & Norway in a Nutshell

Fjord cruise package incl. cruises on the UNESCO Naeroyfjord & Geirangerfjord, spectacular train rides on the Flam Railway & the Rauma line, overnight in the fjord village of Flam and 2 nights in Oslo, Bergen & Alesund.
Duration: 7 nights. Summer season.
Add on: 
Extra nights, sightseeing Oslo, cruise to Mostraumen
Prices: From NOK 16595 per person
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Geirangerfjord by Paul-Edmundson, Fjord NorwayGeirangerfjord, Atlantic Ocean Road & Norway in a Nutshell

Cruise package incl. UNESCO Geirangerfjord & Naeroyfjord. Visit Oslo, Bergen & Alesund, travel on the famous Flam Railway & visit the Atlantic Ocean Road.
Duration 8 nights. Summer season.
Add on: 
Extra nights, seafood dinner, sightseeing in Oslo
Prices: From NOK 17995 per person
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Aurlandsfjord. Photo by Morten Rakke, VisitFlamPulpit Rock, Bergen & Norway in a Nutshell

Adventurous round trip incl. a visit to the Pulpit Rock and UNESCO Naeroyfjord. Join a boat cruise on the Lysefjord to see the famous mountain plateau high above the fjord, visit Bergen and Stavanger & enjoy a ride on the Flam Railway.
Duration 6 nights. Summer season
Add on: Extra nights, hiking trip to the Pulpit Rock.
Prices: From NOK 11300 per adult
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Sognefjord in winter by Sverre-Hjornevik, Fjord Norway

Norway in a Nutshell winter tour

Fjord tour package starting in Oslo, including a Fjord cruise on the narrow, Unesco Naeroyfjord & the scenic Aurlandsfjord, the famous Flam Railway & the spectacular Bergen line. Stays in Oslo, the tiny Flam fjord village & Bergen.
Duration: 5 nights. Winter season
Add on: Nights in Oslo & Bergen
Prices: From NOK 10495 per person
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Hurtigruten in Hjorundfjord by Katrina Godlewski, Hurtigruten

Unesco Naeroyfjord & the unknown Hjorundfjord

Autumn Fjord cruise package incl. the Bergen line, the Flam Railway & the Rauma line, fjord cruise on the Naeroyfjord, overnight Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Alesund incl. a visit to spectacular Hjorundfjord. Stays in Oslo, Bergen & Alesund.
Duration: 6 nights. September & October.
Add on: 
Extra nights & sightseeing Oslo
Prices: From NOK 13495 per person
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Northern lights at the Snow hotel. Photo by Kirkenes Snow hotel

Ice Hotel, Northern Lights & Fjord Tour

Northern Lights trip with Oslo, Kirkenes & Bergen. Enjoy a stay in an ice hotel, Northern Lights trips, dog sledding, fjord cruise, & Flam Railway.
Duration: 7 nights. Winter season.
Add on: Extra nights, king crab fishing, snow mobile & winter fjord safari.
Prices: From NOK 18995 per person
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The UNESCO Bryggen wharf Bergen. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

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