How to travel eco-friendly in Norway

Sustainable travel in Norway by Sonia Arrepia, Visit Norway

There is an increasing awareness that we need to care more for our dear and vulnerable mother-earth, so that the future generations also can enjoy the natural wonders, as much as we can today. There is no doubt that Norway takes environmental issues seriously. Norway is a blessed country with many natural wonders and beautiful landscapes – be it mountains, forests, fjords, waterfalls, glaciers, our vast coastline or the sea. Nature plays an important part in our lives, and we are very keen to preserve Norway´s unspoilt wilderness.

Eco-friendly cruise on UNESCO Naeroyfjord by Sverre Hjornevik, Flam AS

Electrical cruise ferry on UNESCO Naeroyfjord

Sustainable travel with Fjord Travel Norway

Fjord Travel Norway aims to cooperate with providers that has a mentality of protecting the environment and making an effort of being a sustainable business. We strive daily to give you an authentic and local experience with public and environmentally friendly transport like trains, electrical cruise ferries and buses. Furthermore, we cooperate closely with local activity, transport and accommodation providers. As a core value, we focus on reducing the environmental footprint within tourism, so that our visitors can travel in our amazing country in an eco-friendly way.

Local & seasonal food by De Historiske Hoteller

Local and seasonal food in Norway

Travel eco-friendly in Norway

Norway is constantly striving to improve sustainability in all business segments, including travel and tourism. Domestic and foreign travellers alike, can also contribute to the environment by hanging up towels to use more than once whilst staying at hotels and switching off lights when we are not in our hotel rooms. We can make sure not to pollute the nature by throwing away harmful waste in suitable locations and we can reduce our food waste. Moreover, we can support local activity providers, buy locally produced products and eat locally produced food.

Beach cleaning activity by Stefan Dall, Hurtigruten

Beach cleaning activity in Norway

Do like the Norwegians do

We, Norwegians, are in general very fond of our natural surroundings and we take measures not to leave lasting traces when we spend time outdoors in our precious nature. When we go hiking in the mountains, for example, we make sure to take all our waste with us and dispose of it in designated locations. We try our best not to damage the nature we meander in and use it in an eco-friendly way. Whilst we find recreation in the mountains, forests or by the sea, many of us also make an effort to remove the waste we find along our path and dispose of it in a proper manner. Even our nursery school children these days are imbued with this core value of caring for our vulnerable nature.

Travel green in Norway by Alex Conu, Visit Norway

Unspoilt nature in Norway

In Norway, we have something called “allemannsretten”, which means you are free to roam nearly anywhere you want as long as you pick up your rubbish and show respect for the nature. “The right to roam” or “the right to access” is a traditional right from ancient times, and it has been a part of the Outdoor Recreation Act from 1957. “Allemannsretten” gives you the right to experience and use the nature as long as you do it with respect to the landowner, each other, plants and animals. This law demands you to be considerate and thoughtful, not to damage nature or other surroundings and leave the landscape as you wish to find it.

Recycling by Pixabay

Recycling to fight environmental damage

To fight environmental damage to our precious nature, Norwegians recycle waste made of plastic, paper, metal and glass, and we throw our general waste in one bin whilst we have another for food or compost matter. We like to reuse school books and we like to donate furniture, clothes and things we no longer need for ourselves to charity shops like Fretex. Instead of throwing away used bottles and cans, we can return these using allocated machines at the supermarkets and get some reward money for it. We are fighting food waste by not buying more than we use and at the supermarkets we can buy food products close to expiry date at a cheaper price. Many Norwegians have invested in electrical or hybrid cars, and on days with heavy pollution some cities implement measures where odd or even numbered cars on fuel are not allowed to drive to their work place.

With the environment in mind, let us show you the beauty of Norway through sustainable travel with Fjord Travel Norway!

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