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About the Norwegian Fjords

Hjorundfjord. Photo by Terese Kvinge

Norwegian fjord in March

Fjord Norway landscape

In Norway we have a lot of fjords cutting a long way into the land from the coast. The main fjords are located in the western parts of southern Norway. The Sognefjord is the largest fjord in Norway, stretching 205 kilometres inland to the tiny village of Skjolden, thus you will find salt sea water in the middle of the country.

UNESCO fjords:

The beautiful Geirangerfjord and the narrow Naeroyfjord are both on the UNESCO list of natural sites. The Naeroyfjord is the narrower branch of the main Sognefjord

Sognefjord, Aurland village. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord

Fjord Tours

The easiest way of seeing the fjords is on a round trip including scenic Fjord cruises, spectacular rail trips (Flam Railway, Bergen line, Rauma line), picturesque Bergen, tiny fjord villages. Most of the trips start and finish in Oslo. The trips are independent (you will not travel with a group)
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Norwegian fjords from the air. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Hardangerfjord from the air

How did the Norwegian fjords occur?
During the ice age both the ice and the rivers carved deep valleys in the mountains. As the climate changed, most of the ice melted, and the valleys were gradually filled with salt water from the coast, thus creating the Fjords. Not all of the ice melted though, leaving parts of the high mountain areas covered with ice, thus creating the glaciers.

The main fjords of Norway:
The Geirangerfjord, the Nordfjord, the Sognefjord with the Naeroyfjord branch, and the Hardangerfjord. The Naeroyfjord and the Geirangerfjord are both on the UNESCO World Heritage natural list.

Pictures from the Norwegian fjords

Ferry crossing the Hardangerfjord. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Ferry crossing the Hardangerfjord

Challenging geography (or topography)
The fjords are quite unique and beautiful, but naturally they have also been a challenge for the road planners… thus a ferry crossing the fjord is a typical sight in Norway. In fact, the ferries are defined as part of the road systems. The summer of 2013 a new bridge across the Hardangerfjord opened

Fruit tree blossom, Hardangerfjord. Photo by CH, Innoavtion Norway

Fruit tree blossom

The fruit blossom in the Hardangerfjord is truly amazing. Apples from the Hardangerfjord are particularly tasty. Tiny sales tables along the roads is a common sight after the fruit harvest.

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