Travel tips for Trondheim, Norway

The old bridge "Gamle Bybro" in Trondheim, Norway. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Travel tips for Trondheim – the picturesque, historic town in Norway, with Norway’s only cathedral Nidarosdomen, tiny wooden houses, the scenic Nidelven river and a peaceful and truly authentic atmosphere
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Historic Trondheim Bakklandet. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

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Dovre line in winter. Photo by Rune Fossum NSBTravel to Trondheim in Winter
Enjoy a scenic train trip to Trondheim across snow covered mountains & see the amazing Northern Lights on:
Northern Lights Cruise trip – 6 nights
Northern Lights Adventure Cruise – 7 nights
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Large wooden building in Trondheim. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

More about how to get to Trondheim:
By air: Domestic flights from Oslo (50 mins) and Bergen (55 mins) by the Airline Norwegian & SAS Scandinavian airlines.
The airport Vaernes is located some 45 minutes from the centre by the scheduled airport bus, which takes you to most of the hotels downtown. The Airline Norwegian also offers direct international flights from other European cities. Click here to find out more (external link)

Magic evening light at the Nidelven river Trondheim. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

By train: The scenic Dovre line from Oslo S (Oslo central station) with a couple of daily departures. The entire journey takes approximately 7 1/2 hours. There are no rail lines between Bergen and Trondheim, so you would have to take the Bergen line from Bergen to Oslo and then continue on the Dovre line.
By road: A scenic drive through the Gudbrandsdal valley and across the Dovrefjell mountain plateau (road #E6). Takes approximately 7 to 8 hours