Helgeland coast. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway


Norway’s coast: Fjords, bays & islands

Hardangerfjord from the air. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Hardangerfjord from the air

According to National Geographic, the coast of Norway may be the most complex land edge on the planet. If you put Norway’s 63,000 miles of fjords, bays, and island shores into a single line, it would circle the planet two and a half times!

The larger fjords of western Norway cut a long way inland. Sognefjord is Norway’s longest fjord, stretching more than 200 kilometers inland.

The amazing Vega archipelago at the magic Helgeland coast is on the UNESCO natural site list, and the Arctic Lofoten islands offer the most dramatic & spectacular scenery.

To really experience the amazing Norwegian coast, you should definitely choose a cruise.  The Hurtigruten ship line has been cruising along the coast for more than 100 years.

Norwegian coast highlights 

which you can enjoy on a Hurtigruten cruise:

Bergen by Franziska Schwarzlmüller, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen UNESCO Bryggen wharf

Bergen, the doorway to the fjords, is a real “must see”, with its picturesque hillsides & the wooden UNESCO Bryggen wharf. Bergen is beautifully located by the Bergen fjord, surrounded by 7 mountains. Bergen is the starting point for the northbound Hurtigruten cruises, and the finishing point for the southbound cruises.

Visit Bergen on this cruise:
The Exclusive Grand Tour of Norway

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Ålesund by Berge/Knoff/Natural Light/Visitnorway.com

Beautiful Alesund

Alesund, the beautifully located Art Nouveau town – the doorway to the Unesco Geirangerfjord – has the most dramatic history. This tiny, peaceful town has a lot of charm, surrounded by stunning scenery, islands and fjords. The Brosundet canal is a central feature in Alesund. Alesund is also called the Fishing capital of Norway

Visit Alesund on this cruise:
Roros, Atlantic Ocean road & Geirangerfjord

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Atlantic Road by Jacek RóE

Spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road

The spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road – a 8 kilometer long road located at the western coast of Norway, south of the coastal town of Kristiansund. The road runs across an archipelago of islands and skerries. It consists of eight bridges, with viewpoints and resting areas. An exciting excursion across this amazing road is available on the southbound Hurtigruten cruises, between Trondheim and Bergen.

See the Atlantic Ocean road on this cruise:
Arctic Fjords & Coastal Highlights

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Trondheim by Knut Aage Dahl/Visitnorway.com

Historic Trondheim

Historic Trondheim has the most unique areas with tiny wooden houses and narrow streets, the scenic Nidelven river and Norway’s only cathedral Nidarosdomen. Trondheim is also home of the largest wooden buildings in Norway. Must see in Trondheim is the authentic Bakklandet area and the old wooden bridge Gamle Bybro.

See Trondheim on this cruise:
Highlights of the Norwegian Coast

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Torghatten by Ronny Lien_www.visithelgeland.com

The Helgeland Coast

The magic Helgeland Coast – with beautiful scenery, a vast number of scattered islands, mountain peaks, the 7 sisters mountain range just south of the town of Sandnessjoen, the picturesque, Unesco Vega islands archipelago and views of the Svartisen glacier. You can see the Helgeland coast on southbound Hurtigruten cruises, between Lofoten Islands and Trondheim

See the Helgeland coast on this cruise:
Oslo-Kirkenes-Bergen Cruise package

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The spectacular Lofoten Islands. Photo by Christian Bothner, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Lofoten at sunset

The spectacular Lofoten Islands archipelago – with the most stunning scenery, mountain peaks, tiny fishing settlements, the Lofotr Viking hall, the Rorbu (Fishermen’s cottages) and the stockfish. Lofoten has a very high density of sea eagles and millions of other sea birds, among them the colorful puffin. You can join beautiful and interesting excursions across these unforgettable islands during your Hurtigruten cruise.

Visit the Lofoten Islands on this cruise:
Lofoten Islands, Helgeland & Sognefjord

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The Trollfjord by ToFoto

The Arctic Trollfjord – a magic, narrow 2 kilometre long fjord, with mountain peaks and steep mountain sides. A normal sight is Sea Eagles circling around the mountain peaks.

The amazing Trollfjord is located just north of the Lofoten Islands, at the amazing Vesteraalen archipelago.

The entrance or mouth of the fjord is nearly invisible from a distance, as it is only 100 meters wide. It is a wonder that a big ship are able to enter this fjord, and above all, turn around to get out again.

The Hurtigruten ships make a spectacular detour to this fjord, weather permitting.

Visit the Trollfjord on this cruise:
Oslo-Kirkenes-Bergen Cruise package

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Tromso, the Arctic town in Norway. Photo by Baard Loeken, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Beautifully located Tromso

Arctic Tromso is surrounded by magic Arctic scenery, mountain peaks, islands and fjords. Tromso is a beautiful destination for the Midnight Sun during the summer months.
Tromso is ideally located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone – hence it is the perfect Northern Lights destination.

Visit Tromso on this cruise:
Arctic coast, North Cape & Tromso

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The North cape Norway. Photo by Beate Juliussen, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

The North cape cliff

The North Cape  – “the top of Europe”, is located on the Mageroya island as far north as you can get in Norway. The North cape is a steep, 307-metre high cliff with a large flat plateau on top where visitors can stand and watch the views. The North Cape is the point where the Norwegian Sea (part of the Atlantic Ocean) meets the Barents Sea (part of the Arctic Ocean). Excursions to the North Cape are available on the Hurtigruten cruises between Tromso and Kirkenes

See the North Cape on this cruise:
Arctic coast, North Cape & Tromso

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Saltstraumen by Tommy Andreassen_www.nordnorge.com

Saltstraumen tidal current, Bodo

Hurtigruten offers a large selection of beautiful and exciting land excursions en route, such as RIB safari to the amazing Saltstraumen tidal current outside Bodo, the Golden Route and Trollstigen hairpin road, sightseeing in the coastal cities, Midnight concert in the Arctic cathedral in Tromso.
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