The Funicular in Bergen. Photo by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Fjord Cruises from Bergen

With stays in the picturesque coastal town of Bergen

Bergen is beautifully located by the Bergen fjord, in the middle of Fjord Norway – an excellent starting point for exploring the Norwegian fjords. In Bergen you find the UNESCO Bryggen wooden wharf houses, and charming, authentic areas with tiny wooden houses and narrow streets. You can take the Funicular to mount Floyen, offering a marvelous view of the city. The cable car to mount Ulriken – the highest of the 7 mountains surrounding Bergen – offers panoramic views of the surrounding fjords and islands.
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Bergen by Franziska Schwarzlmüller, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen & the Fjords

A short break in picturesque Bergen with two day excursions: Enjoy a Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord, the world famous Flam Railway, boat excursion to the Osterfjord & beautiful narrow Mostraumen. Time to explore Bergen.
Duration: 3 nights. Summer season
Add on: Extra nights in Bergen, train or flight from/to Oslo, hotel in Oslo
Prices: From NOK 7900 per person
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Sognefjord by by Robin Strand, Bergen Tourist Board/ Visit BergenSognefjord & Balestrand village

Relaxing Fjord cruise package incl. 1 night in Bergen, 2 nights in the beautiful village of Balestrand & 1 night in Oslo. Cruise along the scenic Bergen coast, fjord cruises on the main Sognefjord & Aurlandsfjord, ride on the Flam Railway & the Bergen line
Duration: 4 nights. Summer season.
Add on: 
Extra nights, cruise to Mostraumen, seafood dinner
Prices: From NOK 8650 per person
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Unesco cruise Aurlandsfjord by M. Dickson, Foap, Fjord Norway

Bergen, Oslo, Flam Railway & Sognefjord

Enjoy 2 nights in Bergen and 2 nights in Oslo, cruise along the spectacular coast from Bergen, Fjord cruise on the main Sognefjord & the Aurlandsfjord, the famous Flam Railway, the Bergen rail line & Fjord cruise in Oslo
Duration: 4 nights. Summer season
Add on: Extra nights, sightseeing in Oslo, cruise to Mostraumen, seafood dinner
Prices: From NOK 8980 per person
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Bryggen in Bergen by Mindaugas A., Shutterstock, HurtigrutenBergen, Sognefjord, Geilo & Oslo

Relaxing roundtrip with 2 nights in picturesque Bergen, 2 nights at Geilo mountain village & 2 nights in Oslo, a scenic Sognefjord cruise, the Flam Railway & Bergen line.
Duration: 6 nights. Summer season.
Add on:
Extra nights, cruise to Mostraumen, seafood dinner, sightseeing Oslo
Prices: From NOK 9995 per person
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Aurlandsfjord. Photo by Morten Rakke, VisitFlam

Norway in a Nutshell 

See spectacular scenery & dramatic fjords. Experience the famous Flam Railway & the Bergen line, the Stalheimskleiven hairpin road & enjoy a fjord cruise on the narrow Unesco Naeroyfjord. Stay in Bergen, Flam fjord village and Oslo.
Duration: 3 nights. Summer season.
Prices: From NOK 8295 per person
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Options available: Norway in a nutshell, winter season

Geirangerfjord. Photo by Per Eide/FjordNorway

Geirangerfjord Highlights

Fjord cruise package incl. 2 nights in Bergen, a full day cruise to the Unesco Geirangerfjord, 2 nights in the Art Nouveau town Alesund, then the scenic Rauma line & the Dovre line to Oslo for a final night.
Duration: 5 nights. Summer season.
Add on: 
Extra nights, sightseeing Oslo, seafood dinner
Prices: From NOK 11500 per person
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The UNESCO Bryggen wharf Bergen. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Picturesque Bergen, the Fjord Capital
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The majestic Sognefjord
The Unesco Geirangerfjord
The Unesco Naeroyfjord
Experience the Flam Railway

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