Visit picturesque Bergen

Visit picturesque Bergen. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel NorwayBergen

is beautifully located at the Western coast of Norway. Bergen is surrounded by mountains, local fjords & islands.

Bergen is famous for its authentic areas of tiny wooden houses, steep hillsides & most of all, the picturesque UNESCO Bryggen wharf.

The old Bryggen wharf, a row of characteristique wooden houses, is a reminder of Bergen’s importance as part of the Hanseatic League’s trading empire (from mid 14th to mid 16th century).

Flight to Bergen. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Approaching Bergen

Travel to Bergen by flight

Bergen is surrounded by an amazing archipelago – a wonderful sight from the air.
Bergen Flesland airport (BGO) is located close to the sea, a half hour from the city center (by public transport or taxi).
You can reach Bergen by a domestic flight from Oslo or other Norwegian cities, by the airlines SAS and Norwegian.
You can also reach Bergen by direct international flights from worldwide destinations

Holiday break in Bergen:
Bergen & the Fjords. 3 nights

Sognefjord cruise, leaving Aurland village. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Sognefjord cruise

See the fjords from Bergen

Combine your stay in Bergen by adding a tour to the amazing Norwegian fjords & a stay in Oslo. We offer you the following fjord tour itineraries starting with a stay in Bergen & finishing with a stay in Oslo:

You can also combine a stay in Bergen with a wonderful Hurtigruten cruise along the Norwegian coast:

Stolzekleiven. Photo by Terese Kvinge

Mountain view

The Bergen mountains

Bergen is surrounded by 7 mountains, of which the Ulriken is the highest appr 700 ms above sea level. Mount Ulriken & mount Floyen are the easier accessible mountains if you don’t have a car.

The mountains are important recreational areas for the inhabitants of Bergen, offering amazing views & excellent hiking.
For experienced hikers it is possible to make a long hike by starting at Ulriken, then walk across the barren Vidden area and finish at mount Floyen.

Of the two mountains, Floyen offers the easier hiking.

Floyen lake. Photo by terese Kvinge

Hiking at mount Floyen

Mount Floyen is easily accessible from downtown by taking the Funicular tram (Floybanen) to the top, where you have a beautiful view of the city below. At the top of the Funicular you will find easy hiking trails as well as a restaurant/cafeteria & play grounds for children.

The starting point of Floybanen is located a short walk from the open air Fish market

Bergen mountain view. Photo by Terese Kvinge

Sunset at Ulriken

Mount Ulriken is also easily accessible from the center by the Ulriken Express bus, with frequent departures close to the Tourist information/Fishmarket.

The bus will let you off at the cable car station, then you can join a spectacular journey with amazing views all the way to the top of Ulriken, where you will find a restaurant as well as a mountain shop.

We only advise experienced hikers to explore the hikes at Ulriken, respecting the weather forecast and advise from locals.

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