The Iconic Oslo Opera house, Norway

Oslo Opera house. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel NorwayOslo Opera house –

An amazing Opera house designed by the Norwegian Snohetta architects, was finished in 2008. It has really added a new dimension to Oslo, and has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Norway. The Opera house is the home of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet.

The Oslo Opera house is beautifully located in the Bjorvika waterfront by the Oslo fjord, close to the Oslo Central train station (Oslo S). The angled exterior surfaces of the building are covered with Italian marble and white granite and make it appear to rise from the water. Interior surfaces are covered in oak to bring warmth in contrast to the coolness of the white exterior.
You can read more about the Opera and see wondeful photos on Snohetta’s web site

Oslo Opera house interior/entrance hall. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

It is the largest cultural building constructed in Norway since the Nidarosdomen cathedral in Trondheim was completed in 1300!

The Opera building also hosts a restaurant, a cafeteria and a gift shop. Due to its beautiful and central location, the restaurant & cafeteria, and the amazing roof areas offering panoramic views of Oslo, it is very popular among the inhabitants of Oslo as well as among tourists.

A new seaside promenade is now taking form along this part of Oslo waterfront, adding new life to a former dock area.

Just behind the Opera building the new “Barcode” buildings have emerged, and in 2013, Oslo decided to build a new home to the paintings of Edvard Munch in the same area.

More pictures from Oslo Opera:

Oslo Opera by night. Photo by Nanncy Bundt, VisitOslo

Oslo Opera by night

Oslo Opera house. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

view of Oslo Opera house

Modern Oslo - the Barcode buildings by the Opera. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

View from the Opera roof – the modern Barcode buildings

The Opera roof. photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Walking on the Opera roof