Hurtigruten in Hjorundfjord. Photo by Erika Tiren, Hurtigruten
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Cruises in Norway: Norwegian coast

Hurtigruten cruises & cruise packages:

Enjoy cruises in Norway with highlights such as the Lofoten Islands, the North Cape, the Helgeland coast, the Arctic Trollfjord, the Unesco Geirangerfjord and the Atlantic Ocean Road. Cruises available all year. You can choose between Cruise packages with cruises along the Norwegian coast between Bergen & Kirkenes, or Fjord cruise packages with shorter overnight cruises.

For your winter & Christmas holiday you can join an amazing Northern Lights cruise or an authentic Christmas cruise with Norwegian Christmas traditions. Read about the authentic Hurtigruten

Read more about our cruises in Norway:

Hurtigruten cruise packages – Norwegian coast:

Midnight sun in Norway. Photo by Graham Austick, Nordnorsk ReiselivThe Exclusive Grand Tour of Norway

This is our most extensive Norway trip, with Oslo, the Bergen rail line & Flam Railway, fjord cruise on the Sognefjord & Balestrand village, Bergen, 6 nights Hurtigruten cruise, Geirangerfjord & Trollstigen hairpin road, North Cape excursion. Flight return from Kirkenes to Oslo
Duration: 11 nights. 6 nights on board

Arctic Norway. Photo by Baard Loeken, Nordnorsk ReiselivNorwegian coast, North Cape, Fjords & Flam Railway

Norwegian coast cruise package starting with 2 nights in Bergen & finishing in Oslo, day excursion to the Sognefjord & Flam Railway, a 6 nights cruise to the Arctic town of Kirkenes with Geirangerfjord & North Cape excursion, then flight to Oslo. Time to visit the historic town of Trondheim, the Arctic towns of Bodo & Tromso, the Lofoten Islands. You can add a vast range of exciting excursions
Duration: 9 nights. 6 nights on board

The Arctic coast of Norway. Photo by Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen, Nordnorsk ReiselivOslo-Kirkenes-Bergen Cruise package

See the spectacular Lofoten Islands & the magic Helgeland coast. With stays in Oslo & Arctic Kirkenes, a 5 nights Hurtigruten cruise along the Norwegian coast finishing with a stay in picturesque Bergen,  You can add a vast range of exciting excursions
Duration8 nights. 5 nights on board

Lofoten Islands. Photo by Baard Loeken, Nordnorsk ReiselivLofoten Islands, Helgeland coast & Sognefjord

Enjoy the amazing Arctic Nordland line, the scenic Dovre line, the Flam Railway & Bergen line, historic Trondheim, overnight at the Lofoten Islands, a 3 nights Hurtigruten cruise to Bergen & Fjord cruise on the Sognefjord. Starting & finishing in Oslo (8 nights option)
Duration: 12 nights. 3 nights on board

The North Cape cliff. Photo by Beate Juliussen, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

Arctic Coast, North Cape & Tromso

A short round trip from Oslo, offering you amazing highlights of Arctic Norway, with a 2 nights Hurtigruten cruise departing from beautifully located Tromso, the impressive North Cape cliff at the “top of Europe” & calls at remote Arctic settlements. You can add a night in the Arctic town of Kirkenes, an exciting King crab fishing trip or a river boat safari to the Russian border
Duration: 5 nights

Lofoten islands. Photo by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life, Nordnorsk ReiselivArctic Fjords & Coastal Highlights

The best of Arctic Norway & a spectacular Unesco fjord – with Oslo & Tromso, a 4 nights Hurtigruten cruise from Tromso to Bergen, Lofoten Islands, Helgeland coast & Atlantic Ocean road, Bergen, Fjord cruise on the Unesco Naeroyfjord, Flam Railway & Bergen line
Duration: 7 nights. 4 nights on board

Norwegian Fjords w. shorter Hurtigruten cruises:

Hurtigruten in the Hjorundfjord. Photo by Erika Tiren, HurtigrutenUnesco Naeroyfjord & the unknown Hjorundfjord

A beautiful autumn Fjord cruise package,
with the Bergen line, the Flam Railway & the Rauma line, fjord cruise on the Naeroyfjord, overnight Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Alesund with a full day cruise to the spectacular Hjorundfjord. Stays in Oslo, Bergen & Alesund.
Duration 6 nights. 1 night on board. Sept & Oct

Atlantic Ocean road. Photo by Terje Rakke, Nordic Life, Fjord NorwayNorwegian Fjords & Western Coast

See the spectacular Atlantic Ocean Road, the beautiful Sognefjord, historic Trondheim & picturesque Bergen, trendy Oslo & the tiny fjord village of Balestrand, enjoy the spectacular mountain rail lines Dovre line, Flam Railway & Bergen line. 2 nights in Oslo, 1 night in historic Trondheim, 1 night on board Hurtigruten, 2 nights in Bergen & 1 night in Balestrand
Duration: 7 nights. 1 night on board

View of the Geirangerfjord. Photo by Fred Jonny Hammero/More og Romsdal fylkeGeirangerfjord & Sognefjord

With main Norwegian fjords attractions;
cruises on Sognefjord, Aurlandsfjord branch  & Geirangerfjord, an overnight Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Alesund, Bergen line, Flam Railway & Rauma line, 2 nights in Oslo, 2 nights in Bergen & 1 night in Alesund.
Duration 6 nights
Available from May to August

Geirangerfjord. Photo by Per Eide/FjordNorway

Geirangerfjord Highlights

See the Geirangerfjord & the spectacular Rauma line. Starting with 1 night in Bergen, then an overnight Hutigruten cruise with a full day cruise to the Geirangerfjord,  2 nights in the Art Nouveaut town Alesund, then the scenic Rauma line & the Dovre line to Oslo for a final night.
Duration: 5 nights. 1 night on board

Hurtigruten Northern Lights & Christmas cruises:

Northern Lights Arctic coast of Norway. Photo by Oystein Lunde Ingvaldsen, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

View our Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis cruises

From October through March the unforgettable, spectacular Northern Lights are visible by clear weather. We offer you a selection of adventurous Northern Lights cruses. You can enjoy Dog sledding, Snow mobile Safaris, Reindeer sledge, stay in a Snow hotel, join a Whale safari.

Arctic light in Tromso area. Photo by Shigeru Ohki, Nordnorsk Reiseliv

View our Christmas cruises

Enjoy an authentic, Norwegian Christmas celebration on board a Hurtigruten ship, whith Norwegian Christmas traditions & Christmas meals. You can add exciting excursions

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