Sami Autumn – Hurtigruten land excursion

Sami family and reindeer. Photo credit www.nordnorge.comJoin the excursion “Sami Autumn” and learn about the arctic natures “pantry and pharmacy”.

This is an optional land excursion which you can add to your Hurtigruten cruise booked through Fjord Travel Norway. The land excursion will appear during the cruise booking process, with prices and details.

Cloudberry. Photo by Yvonne Holth, Nordnorsk Reiseliv


Here you can sample dried reindeer meat, juice of crowberry, herbal tea (nettle) and roseroot mixture. And maybe you will feel the presence of the Noaidi… The Sami shaman. For the Sami people, the fall has always been a labour-intensive time, food stocks had to be filled up before the winter came.

The Arctic nature is surprisingly abundant in herbs and berries. These are not just rich in vitamins and good for adding flavors to the diet, but was once also used as medicines. The Sami shaman had valuable knowledge about the possibilities nature provided in relation to the prevention and cure of diseases.

Practical info:

Duration: 2 hours 15 min
Included: Taste of local specialties
Transportation: Bus
Clothes/footwear: Comfortable shoes and warm clothing
Available: September 6- November 5
Land excursion #6E

Lofoten islands Norway. Photo by Reiner Schaufler

Lofoten islands

Available on the following Hurtigruten Cruise packages:
Arctic coast, North Cape & Tromso, 5 nights
Norwegian coast, North Cape, Fjords & Flam Railway, 9 nights


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