How do they actually make the Snow hotel?

Kirkenes snow hotel

The amazing Kirkenes Snow hotel

The Arctic town of Kirkenes is located far north east in Norway, close to the Russian border, in the middle of the Northern Lights belt. This tiny town offers you  unique & authentic Arctic experiences, as far from the world’s big cities as you can get, with no mass tourism. Read more about Kirkenes

Kirkenes Snow hotel is one of the main reasons for a visit – located by a narrow fjord outside the light pollution of the town.

How do they actually make the Snow hotel? During the summer months, the entire hotel with 20 rooms melts down. So, when the winter comes around again, they have to rebuild the hotel!

So this is what they do:

Winter in Arctic Kirkenes, the Gabba restaurant at the Snow Hotel. Photo by Kirkenes Snow hotel

The Gabba gamme

In December the temperature has normally stabilized below zero, so they start up their snow-making machines. They have to make a lot of snow before they can start the actual building process.

So, when they have sufficient supplies of snow, first thing they blow up a giant balloon, basing the construction for the ice bar room. They cover the balloon with snow, then let the snow set for a few hours before they remove it, and then the ice bar room is ready to be decorated!

Snow hotel room. Photo by Helge Staerk, Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Snow hotel room

After they have made the large ice bar room
, they blow up the balloon for the hotel rooms – one balloon for two rooms, cover the balloon with snow, let the snow set, remove the balloon and continue with the next two rooms and so on.

Snow hotel room. Photo by Helge Staerk, Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Snow hotel decorations

When the Snow hotel construction
is finished, the time comes for the decorating process – an important part of the entire building process, forming the “finishing touch”, offering an amazing and exotic experience for the guests.

The last years they have invited famous, Chinese ice decoration artists, coming all the way up north to Kirkenes to contribute to this amazing construction, making the most wonderful ice sculptures and wall decorations

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