Bergen Norway, the Fish Market, hillsides and mount Ulriken. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Visit SCENIC CITIES in Norway

Beautifully located, small & picturesque:

In a global perspective, we have quite small cities in Norway: our capital Oslo is the largest with approximately 600 000 inhabitants, then comes Bergen with 250 000. There are quite a few scenic cities and towns to visit in Norway. For a brief visit to Norway, we recommend Oslo, Bergen, Alesund and Trondheim in the southern part of Norway, and the Arctic town of Tromso in the Northern Norway.

Visit Scenic cities in Norway:

Operaen by VisitOSLO/Tord Baklund

Oslo Opera House

Oslo – Norway’s capital

is not as grand as the other Scandinavian capitals, but it has a lot of charm, authentic areas and amazing attractions, the most recent added to the city’s waterfront; the iconic Oslo Opera house & the spectacular Astrup Fearnley museum of contemporary art. Oslo is beautifully located by the Oslo fjord, surrounded by hills and vast areas of woodlands.
Oslo picture gallery

Bergen by Franziska Schwarzlmueller, Fjord Travel Norway

Bergen with UNESCO Bryggen wharf

Bergen, the gateway to the fjords

is a real “must see”, with its picturesque hillsides & the wooden UNESCO Bryggen wharf. Bergen is beautifully located by the Bergen fjord, surrounded by 7 mountains. In the outskirts of Bergen you find the tiny, wooden villa of the composer Edvard Grieg, located by the Nordaas lake.
Bergen picture gallery

Alesund Norway. Photo by Sverre Hjornevik, Fjord Norway

Authentic atmosphere, Alesund

Alesund, the Art Nouveau town

and the doorway to the Unesco Geirangerfjord – has the most dramatic history. This tiny, peaceful town has a lot of charm, surrounded by stunning scenery, islands and fjords. The Brosundet canal is a central feature in Alesund. Alesund is also called the Fishing capital of Norway
Alesund picture gallery

Historic Trondheim Bakklandet. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Historic Trondheim

has the most unique areas with tiny wooden houses and narrow streets, the scenic Nidelven river and Norway’s only cathedral Nidarosdomen. Trondheim is also home of the largest wooden buildings in Norway. Must see in Trondheim is the authentic Bakklandet area and the old wooden bridge Gamle Bybro.
Trondheim picture gallery

Tromso, the Arctic town in Norway. Photo by Baard Loeken,

Beautifully located Tromso

Arctic Tromso

is surrounded by magic Arctic scenery, mountain peaks, islands and fjords. Tromso is a beautiful destination for the Midnight Sun during the summer months.
Tromso is ideally located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone – the perfect Northern Lights destination!
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