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Sleep in a SNOW HOTEL...

A memory for lifetime! The amazing Kirkenes Snow hotel is located outside the Arctic town of Kirkenes, about as far northeast as you can get in Norway – a 2 hour flight from Oslo. This amazing hotel melts down each summer season, and has to be rebuilt every December!

Snow Hotel Kirkenes, Reindeer park. Photo by Raymond Fishman, Hurtigruten

The Reindeer park

Sleep in a Snow hotel 

Buildings & facilities: The Snow hotel has a large Ice bar room and 20 hotel rooms, a large service building next door with comfortable lounges, showers, bathroom facilities and a sauna. They also have an exotic restaurant offering  meals based on local produce, a Dog yard with 130 huskies for Dog sledding trips & a tiny Reindeer park.
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Snow hotel & Northern Lights

Spotting the Northern Lights outside the Snow hotel Photo by Kirkenes Snow hotel

Spotting the Northern Lights outside

Kirkenes is ideally located in the middle of the Northern Lights zone. To enhance the visibility of the Northern Lights, the Snow hotel is located by an Arctic fjord, outside the light pollution of the town.

How they actually make the Snow hotel
The history behind the Snow hotel
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Snow mobile and Northern Lights Norway. Photo by Helge Staerk, Kirkenes Snow hotel

Snow mobile Safari in the polar night

Northern Lights activities

Kirkenes Snow hotel offers exciting excursions to the amazing, Arctic wilderness. You can join a 5 hour wilderness dog sledge trip to the Pasvik valley, close to the Russian border, with a light wilderness meal en route.
Or why not try a unique Snow mobile safari in the Polar night, only lighted by head lamps, chasing the Northern Lights

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