Norway rail trips: The Dovre line

Dovre rail line Noray. Photo by Leif Jolestad NSB

Dovre line

The scenic Dovre line takes you between Oslo and the historic city of Trondheim, located in mid Norway. The line passes through the scenic Gudbrandsdal valley and across the beautiful Dovrefjell mountain plateau – one of Norway’s National Park. Dovrefjell is the home of  a population of some 300 wild Muskox. The entire journey takes approximately 7 1/2 hours. See a Youtube video from the spectacular Dovre line

Travel tips for the Dovre line:

Dovre line. Photo by Rune Fossum, NSBOur suggested round trips with a ride on the Dovre line

Summer season
The Grand tour of the Fjords – 8 nights
Norwegian Fjords & Western Coast – 7 nights
Lofoten Islands, Helgeland & Sognefjord – 12 nights


Winter season, across the snow covered Dovrefjell
Northern Lights Cruise trip – 6 nights
Northern Lights Adventure Cruise – 7 nights
Tromso, Northern Lights & Arctic Coast – 7 nights
Northern Lights Christmas Cruise – 8 nights

Winter along the Dovre rail line, Norway. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Mountain farm

The Dovre line passes by the Mjosa lake – Norway’s largest lake. The town of Lillehammer – the host of the Olympic Winter games in 1994 – is located towards the northern end of the lake. Lillehammer is a station on the Dovre line.

The Dovre line takes you through the scenic Gudbrandsdal valley, with the beautiful Gudbrandsdalslaagen river and a unique mountain farm environment, with a rich cultural heritage and traditionally log timber houses

Rauma line starting at Dombas station. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Starting at Dombas station

Dombas station is the starting point of the spectacular Rauma line; offering stunning scenery with steep mountain peaks, steep mountain walls and a beautiful river. The Rauma line takes you to Fjord Norway and the beautifully located fjord village of Andalsnes, with connecting coaches to the picturesque Art Nouveau town of Alesund.

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Bakklandet area, Trondheim Norway. Photo by Rita de Lange, Fjord Travel Norway

Authentic Trondheim

The historic town of Trondheim, the final station of the Dovre line, is one of the most picturesque towns in Norway and certainly worth a visit – offering authentic areas with tiny wooden houses. In Trondheim you also find several of the largest wooden buildings in Norway, and Norway’s only cathedral the Nidarosdomen. Trondheim is the starting point of the scenic Arctic Nordland line.
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